Feed Your Friends: Getting Saucy With It

Grilling feels like a specifically Summery delight. Casual, communal, conducive to hanging-while-cooking. Still, burgers and hot dogs can get a little boring, and even our grilled steak could sometimes use a little update. How to switch it up without TOTALLY switching the menu? Get saucy with it! We mean with actual sauce. Here are four we’ve been “developing” (See: eating with a spoon to the face) and are psyched to show off at our next BBQ.

These sauces go with just about any meat or fish, they’re warm weather friendly (no heavy creams here, Jerry!), and require minimal effort on your part with maximum flavor reward. So, as the Old Tymers would say, “Everybody get your grill on… everybody get your mother f*** grill on…WHAT”.


Farm Fresh Green Chimichurri Sauce



Lime Marinated Skirt Steak with Farm Fresh Green Chimichurri



Roasted Red Pepper & Jalapeño Yogurt Sauce



Easy Breezy Chicken Kebabs with Roasted Red Pepper & Jalapeño Sauce



Hoisin Chili Sauce



Hoisin Chili Glazed Salmon



Chipotle Chili Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce



Chipotle BBQ Cheesy Sliders


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