Some 20 years ago I started a love affair with a place: The Kitchen. Over time it’s gotten smaller, moved south then north, then 41 floors up, another 30 floors down, and, finally, landed where I find myself today: filled with my amazing little family, lots of hungry friends and an insatiable craving for all things food.

Welcome to Witten Kitchen. A place where the more guests the better, messy hands are encouraged, and conversation {& red wine} flow long into the evening hours. Whether I’m testing out new dishes for my hungry husband and two little babes, whipping up a quick and healthy mid week meal from my latest cookbook obsession, or hosting a party of 10 around a crowded dining room table, I’m happiest when sharing what’s cooking in my kitchen.

Going from Office Life to Kitchen Life. After graduating from Duke University, I landed in NYC pursuing a career in fashion marketing and advertising. I loved the people, the non stop schedule, and the city life that came with it. But after years behind a desk, late nights in an office, I wanted a more tactile, creative outlet that I was more passionate about. Food was where I found this. After being professionaly trained at the International Culinary Institute in New York City, receiving a degree in International Culinary Arts, I created Witten Kitchen as my love story with real food and seasonal cooking for my family and friends. Healthy, high quality ingredients are always top of mind, but, in my kitchen and around my dinner table, there is always room for chocolate, cocktails, and pasta.

Teaching: I love children and I love teaching –  which is why I dedicate my free time in our schools and after school programs to teach kids why food matters. When you show a child how to crack an egg, you are opening up a world that goes far beyond omelettes. Let’s teach our children to love real food and appreciate fresh, local, and thoughtful ways of eating. Email me about more details for upcoming classes and other opportunities for “At-Home” classes with your kids.