It’s SOUP Season Y’all!

Fall has come quickly and, apparently, gone. As sad as that is to say aloud, cozy Christmas season is upon us. So there is that. and also, soup. When it’s frigid outside or I’m in need of a quick, one pot dish that stretches far beyond one dinner seating, soup is always on the menu. Click the links below for some of my favorites. Be it hearty & healthy or smooth & packed with antioxidants, soup never gets old (especially when it’s frozen). I’ve also included ways to modify the recipes so that you can make it dairy free (most of them already are), gluten free, or packed with your favorite veggies. Break out the hottie totties and spiked apple cider, because it’s already time to warm up around the table for a L.O.N.G. winter.

Mexican Pulled Chicken and Veggie Soup



Cozy Coconut, Sweet Potato, and Pumpkin Spiced Soup



Roasted Tomato and Goat Cheese Soup with Homemade Spicy Basil Oil



Roasted Squash, Carrot, and Ginger Curry Soup



Immune Boosting Butternut Squash and Turmeric Soup



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