Feed Your Friends: Funfetti Party Redux

Sometimes, you’ve got to go boxed. As in: cake from a box. There are many reasons: Your life is hectic, you totally forgot you had to bring something to a thing, or, the best reason, which is that nothing can come close to the original. This is where Funfetti stands. On a pedestal, above all other colorful desserts, begging you to claim that you can possibly stick to your all-natural eating plan in its presence. Rather than resisting the power of Funfetti, we give in, willingly, to its powers. We buy that blue box. We feel mischievous and also carefree. And guess what we’ve learned? Funfetti can be the base for lots of different types of fun.

So whether you’re whipping up something for a birthday party, baby shower, or because you’ve had a bad day, don’t be afraid to mix it up (literally). Here are three ways to switch it up with our fave, spastically colored cake mix.


Rainbow Bright Funfetti Cookie Cups

Glazed Rosy Funfetti Donuts

Funfetti Layered Ice Cream Crumble Cake



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