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So… by this point, if we don’t have a good reservation for Mother’s Day, we probably won’t. We waited too long. And now all of the good sons and daughters scooped up the tables at Park Avenue Spring, Eleven Madison Park, and Santina, and we’re here looking like negligent, ungrateful children. Failures, really. But wait! It’s Spring… which means it’s the season for one of our favorite activities: picnicking. It’s genius. It’s fun. It’ll show mom we love her in the form of homemade treats and very large bottles of rosé. Just in case you’re in the same boat as us, here’s an easy-breezy picnic guide so that your Mom will never know about your oversight.

What You’ll Make

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The Essentials
1. Brightly Patterned Blankets: A mid-weight patterned blanket won’t show stains and can be easily washed – perfect for dirt, grass, and vino mishaps.
2. Picnic Basket: You can find these in so many different shapes and sizes, from fancy high-end vessels to budget friendly beauties. If you’re not willing to commit to the new take on the old wicker basket, use your trusty beach tote.
3. Bottle Opener: Avoid a major rookie mistake: forgetting the bottle opener. You plan the perfect picnic, everyone’s totally impressed with your set-up, and then, as you sit down to pour the first glass, you realize there’s no way to get that bottle open. That’s so not FAT*. Sure, there’s the old open it with your shoe tutorial – but we’re going for failsafe day drinking here.
4. I-Phone Speakers: Music sets the backdrop for any party. Turn some tunes on, put some flowers in your hair, get your hippie on.
*FAT: embodying the party spirit of Fete-a-Tete

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