Matthew Kenney Wellness: Retreats, Plant-Based Food, The Good Life

You may know of Matthew Kenney because of his restaurant Double Zero the vegan paradise on the Lower East Side or Plant Food and Wine in Miami and Venice, CA. You may just know him as an amazing chef. Whatever you know him as, we’re sure that you’ll be happy to know: There’s more. Matthew Kenney and his team are branching out with Matthew Kenney Wellness, a luxury travel experience (at a beautiful private club, Kukui’ula in Kauai) that’s centered around plant-based living, yoga, and meditation, but also provides opportunities for adventure, relaxation, and cultural experiences. Think of it as Spring Break, only enlightening rather than mind-deadening, rejuvenating instead of exhausting, memorable rather than… you can’t remember-able. Dates for the retreats are on the website but for now, we’ll give you a taste of Matthew Kenney’s delicious plant-based food, in case you want to give it a try at home, or impress your Thanksgiving guests with a healthy holiday treat.


Sword Leaf Coconut with Curry Cashew, Carrot, Radish, Apple


Roots and Shoots


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