Sugar Rush: How to Fancy Up Halloween Candy

For me, October 31st dramatically changes every couple of years. I’ve gone from Leg Avenue and late nights out, ┬áto bubbly brunches with minimal costume efforts, to little kids being forced into animal onesies for a single Instagram opportunity.

Whether it’s chasing around toddlers or dancing all night in knee high boots, Halloween will always be one of the best holidays to celebrate because it revolves completely around candy. This is a day where you can gorge your sweet tooth and feel OK about it. And in this kitchen, candy means turning your sweet filled childhood memories into delicious desserts that adults and kids like even more than the foil wrapped favorites.

Click the link to get all of these quick and easy homemade candy coated dessert recipes.

Reese’s PB Cup Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bites

Kit-Kat Blondie Cake

Halloween Candy Cupcakes

Candy Stuffed Sugar Cookies

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