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Feed Your Friends: It’s Easter!

Easter comes early this year. We’re already stressing about what to wear (so many different temperatures! All in one day!), but we love any brunch opportunity, especially if there’s an excuse for florals, and… bunny ears. Below, some recipes, buyables, and decor ideas to get your bunny hopping. What? What does that even mean?

Easy Easter Brunch Recipes

Entertain at your place with a spread that has a little something for everyone. But whatever you do, start the morning off with our Paloma cocktail.

Paloma Cocktail | Pancakes | Muffins | Eggs and Lox Spread | Quiche

Edible Easter Gifts

Ain’t no shame in the buying game. Here’s some great stuff to bring to your host, or to dress up your own platters.

SHOP: Eleni’s Egg Cookies |Bunny Milk and Cookie Gift Set |Dean and Deluca Easter Sweets Tote | Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs Carton | Dylan’s Candy Bar Chocolate Bunny In a Cage

Dreamy Decor Ideas

Tulips are so #BASIC, people. You can do better. Go for these Insta-worthy design ideas: Black, White, Gold, and Spring Floral Scape | Mono-Colored Yellow and Crystal Design | Fuchsia Flower Petal Runner + Gray and Black Accents

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