Valentine’s Day Done Right: A Little Something Sweet and A Little Something Saucy

Let’s get this holiday party started! OK, fine. Let me back up. Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. I get it. It’s cheesy and basically a  made up day to buy Hallmark cards, boxes of cheap chocolate, and two dozen, half dead, rose bouquets from your local super market. But, in my house it’s a day to remind yourself and your favorite people (husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, daughters, sons, neighbors, cats, er..) that you’re pretty psyched to have them in your life. Call me sappy (which I am), but I like any day that gives me an excuse to celebrate, whether it’s a little dinner party for my besties or a slightly more special date night in. Forget what it has become at your local greeting card store and think of today as an excuse to remind those special people that surround you that they are awesome and you wouldn’t be who you are without ’em.

It also so happen that two years ago, Valentine’s Day became a lot more special and even more about love. I spent Cupid’s day in {a very long} labor at a hospital in uptown Manhattan. After waking up at 6 AM on February 14th, ready to finally get this baby out, after 27 hours of labor later,  I finally got to meet my new little man. So while his birthday is not technically on Valentine’s Day, I actually now get to celebrate a whole lot of sappy, overly emotional love for multiple days in mid February (Sorry, hubs). Which is why I now make Valentine’s Day a little sweeter for the little ones I love but still try to make sure there is a little something saucy for the man whose been there for a decade.

Decadent Red Velvet desserts and pretty pink gin drinks are on my Valentine’s Day menu this year – because nothings says love more than cocktails and sugar, besides shoes and handbags, of course.

For the Saucy


Gin Lane 1751’s juniper and bitter infused pink gin is my favorite new fem addition to my cocktail cart. Smooth, fresh, and, well, pink, this gin is the bold hued base to my pomegranate and rose water French ’75. Garnished with fresh, sugar coated pomegranates and rose water infused simple syrup this is also my go to Valentine’s Day Party cocktail. After all, Pomegranates are an ancient Roman and Chinese symbol for fertility and love, but are also a #trendy super fruit that dresses up any old classic cocktail into something special. XOXOX.

For the Sweet


Mini Red Velvet White Chocolate Crumble Cakes topped with Cream Cheese White Chocolate Frosting are the tastiest way to any little heart. These mini, individual cakes are a great Valentine’s Day family baking and decorating activity that get every little eater into the spirit of L.O.V.E. Make the cakes and frosting ahead of time and spend the afternoon decorating before dinner. Nothing says love like decadent red velvet cake and creamy white chocolate frosting.


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