Pimp Your Grill Fete-a-Tete 3

Pimp Your Grill

Get yo grill on! Some ladies like to show off their beach bods, but we’re planning to do a different kind of showing off this summer. Duh, we’re talking about our grill skills. But first, we have to make sure that our gear game is on point. Lots of people think that the grill is the guy’s domaine, but with more and more badass #girlchefs showing us how to do the damn thing (and plenty of #grillfails by the boys), we’re feeling like this is the summer that we’re going to kick the boys off the patio, and play with some fire ourselves. Here, we’ve rounded up our essentials. From The Schmidt Brother’s copper grill set to William Sonoma’s life-changing grill baskets to this denim tie-died aprons, you’ll have everything you need to impress, and you’ll look damn good doing it. Summer, we’re ready for ya.

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Denim Painted and Studded Apron Fete-a-Tete
Denim Painted and Studded Apron
The Grilling Book Fete-a-Tete
The Grilling Book
Williams Sonoma Grill Cookware Fete-a-Tete
Williams Sonoma Grill Cookware
Himalayan Pink Salt Block Fete-a-Tete
Himalayan Pink Salt Block