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Floral Counsel: We’re Seeing Red

This spring, we’re not going to be shy. We’re craving bold colors that pop. We’re talking red. We’re ready to rock it on our lips  (Chanel Rouge Coco), on our bodies (an oversized red blazer) and in our living room, in pretty vases. Of course, to make the most of this spring statement, we had to consult our go-to flower guru to see which blooms would best emblazon our living rooms, powder rooms, and dinner tables with red, red, red. Priscilla’s favorite? The tulip!

Priscilla says:

As tulips grow, their stems elongate and often bend in artistic ways. Given this characteristic, they’re better off massed than assorted with other flowers.

Priscilla’s Tips:

    • 1. Don’t fill the vase beyond 1/3 full. Tulips like to work for their water.
    • 2. Always give tulips a fresh cut before putting them in water – their stems close quickly.
    • 3. You’ll find a few varieties available at your local flower market. The Dutch and most local varieties have shorter stems, while the French tulips have longer stems and larger heads. The French tulips can be more expensive.

French poets considered the red tulip sensual; the flower could symbolize a declaration of love. In Turkish culture, the red tulip is a symbol of paradise. To us, the red tulip will symbolize spring! We, and our tulips, will wait patiently to hear that meteorologist tell us that tomorrow will be 65 and sunny.

Priscilla Schaefer is the owner of event design company Glorimundi in New York City.

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