It’s Frigid: Winter Flowers Will Help

When there’s a major snowstorm on the horizon, we like to get our friends to come to us. Sure it’s crafty — to have a dinner party just so that you don’t have to brave the cold, but no one will ever be the wiser if you’re offering unlimited hot toddies, wine, and a long, warm, hearty dinner. We find that’s usually enough to entice our friends to make the trek downtown, across town, or uptown. Food and booze and more food and booze are all well and good, but we always like to have a little something pretty on the table too, especially on these dark, cold, gray days. In fact, Winter might be when we need the power of nature to brighten our spirits most.

So, we asked another one of our go-to floral counsels, FloraBrook, to give us the 411 on winter flowers, how to bring a little bit of vitamin D into our cold bones (and homes) by way of decor and table design.

Here are FloraBrook’s tips and tricks for Winter flower shopping:

On seasonal flowers, like quince and magnolia flower: 

This season starts to have flowering branches again! These are great for drama, height, and longevity (read: saving money!). With these, a little goes a long way.

On how we’re seeing some of our other-season faves at the market: 

Florals come in the same as the rest of the season [because they’re] imported from other places… but I also try to not work with florals that have really delicate petals. I get scared they’re going to freeze on the commute to their new home. Thicker, more hardy florals are able to last a little better in extreme temperatures.

A super helpful tip: 

This time of year it’s very important to wrap your flowers/plants up very well before going outside. When I see people leaving grocery store with [unwrapped] flowers, I almost want to stop them and tell them their flowers are going to die!! Save the flowers!


In a bind and can’t get to the flower market? has all your flowering branch needs you covered!

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