Floral Counsel: Easy Peasy Plants with Tassy de Give of Sprout Home

Spring! Spring! Spring! Let’s all chant it together. Things are growing, sprouting, we’re cleansing, all that good good stuff. So what better time to bring a new friend into your home, especially a little friend who will help you breathe better, help deter illness, clean the air, and improve your concentration? Oh, and is pretty! That, too.

“What kind of friend is this?” you ask. “I do not have any friends like this!”

We’re talking about plants. They’re cheer-inducing, ambiance-boosting, green-love-giving necessities, and we think every home should have one. BUT we do understand that many of us feel that we kill everything we touch, have traumatic memories of Bill, the goldfish, who died day one of being home from the pet store, or Fluffy, the hamster we really, genuinely loved to death (true story). So, fear not! We’ve asked Tassy de Give of Sprout Home, the coolest Brooklyn plant emporium, to tell us which plants we can bring home to love without murdering them from neglect, smothering, or starvation.

Tassy’s list of easy peasy plants:


Sprout Home Rhipsalis
Image Credit: Ramsay de Give


Rhipsalis is the perfect plant for you if you’re looking for a break from the norm, for something with unusual texture and form. These plants often trail, so consider placing them on a ledge and letting them trail over the sides. This plant can take a range of light, but some direct sun is beneficial. Place this plant in an eastern or western exposure or slightly back from a south-facing window. Water the plant thoroughly, but allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings.


Sprout Home Peperomia
Image Credit: Ramsay de Give


There are so many varieties of peperomia. All of them are beautiful and easy to care for. This variety, called the Red Ripple, has glossy red leaves and stems. It prefers medium light (bright, but indirect or a little bit of direct morning sun). Allow the top of the soil to dry out between waterings.


Sprout Home Orchids
Image Credit: Ramsay de Give


Somewhere along the lines, orchids got a bad rap for being difficult. Truth is, they’re some of the easiest plants to care for, and provide long lasting, beautiful blooms. When the blooms fade, it’s easy to mistake them for being dead, but they’re not! Orchids like bright, indirect light. They like regular waterings (a heavy soak) when their potting (bark or moss) is dry, which is approximately every 7-10 days. Fertilize monthly with an orchid fertilizer to keep the blooms coming.

Bamboo Palm

Sprout Home Bamboo Palm
Image Credit: Ramsay de Give


If you want a big plant without much light, the bamboo palm is great. Perfect for northern or eastern exposure, the bamboo palm should be watered when the top inch of the soil is dry. Regular misting is beneficial to keep leaves from getting dry. As an added bonus, the bamboo palm is one of the best air-purifying plants there is!


Sprout Home - Haworthia
Image Credit: Ramsay de Give


If you’re lucky and have a lot of light, Haworthias are great for an indoor garden. They stay relatively small, which is great for little pots that many plants grow out of. They should be watered when they’re very dry, approximately every 7-14 days. Pair them with other succulents to create a full succulent garden.

Aeschynanthus aka Lipstick Plant

Sprout Home Aeschynanthus_pulcher_(Lipstick_Vine)1
Image Credit: Ramsay de Give


A beautiful green, glossy plant, for full or part sun. This plant is a fantastic hanging plant that will surprise you with the cutest flower that looks like a tube of lipstick! Allow the top of the soil to dry out slightly between waterings and fertilize once a month Spring through Fall.


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