A Book for Every Cook {Or Foodie} on Your Holiday List

My little kitchen is a bit small for bookshelves, so I find myself packing closets full of every kind of food book and cooking manual I can get my hands on. Every weekend, I shovel through these little libraries with Harry by my side {if I can get him to sit still for long enough} to find inspiration and ideas for everything from dinner party dishes, more modern and tasty family meals, and easy to make recipes for little ones.

When the holidays roll around, the cookbook aisle is where I turn first because whether your pals and family members live in the kitchen, can barely boil a pot of water, or are too young to use a knife, I bet there is a great cookbook that will perk their food interests. After all, food is a piece of everyone’s life and, thankfully for us, there is a cookbook that will spark their culinary curiosities in new and delicious ways. Here are my must haves from 2017 to add to your own and your favorite peoples’  library or coffee table. Happy shopping y’all.

For the Fashion and Beauty Obsessed Cook

Cook Beautiful by Athena Calderone of Eye-Swoon.com

As a long time “swooner”, I’ve spent years following along Athena Calderone’s blog, EyeSwoon.com, where the foodie, fashion, and design expert shares her love of everything from kitchen creations to interior design, and fashion. This is one of 2017’s best books to keep not only keep in your kitchen but pretty enough to be live on your coffee table. Calderone’s eye lends itself to how she approaches cooking with a passion for beautiful, seasonal ingredients and, of course, how the dish looks. I love a great meal but a great meal is made even more delicious when it’s perfectly plated and as appealing to the eyes as to the taste buds – which is exactly what this book will teach you.


For the Foodie that Doesn’t Love Cooking

Where to Eat Pizza by Phaidon

“I hate pizza” said no one ever. Phaidon’s latest foodie obsessed anthology compiles the best of the best pizza from around the world in a bright red book that will have any food lover excited to stick on their bookshelf. Recommendations from regional experts, food journalists, and chefs from every part of the world make this a fun reference tool for travel or a little pop of color to keep on your coffee table for small talk, and, of course, to be used to impress friends when they ask for recommendations. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.


For the Mom {Or Dad) That Wants to Spice Up The Mid-Week Meal

Dinner: Changing the Game by Melissa Clark

The latest book, Dinner, from the award winning NY Times writer Melissa Clark is made for family’s on the go who want to slow down and have a real, homemade delicious dinner when it doesn’t seem like there is anytime for it. Every dish is delicious, approachable and easy to plan. You shouldn’t have to compromise what’s for dinner and Melissa is the first to show you how.


For the Adventurous Dessert Lover

Sweet: Desserts from London’s Ottolenghi

The latest book from one of my favorite chefs and cookbook authors, Yotam Ottolenghi, combines his Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The flavors and combinations are always surprising and impressive, making his previous cookbooks personal inspiration for everything from my every day cooking to holidays and special occasions. His latest book brings these fresh, bright flavors to the dessert table where you will be a little hesitant, intrigued, and later wowed once you taste his creations. Not for the faint of heart, these are restaurant worthy desserts that will make you learn a thing or two about baking and pastry making.


For The Party Animal Cook in your Crew

Share: Delicious and Surprising Recipes to Pass Around Your Table

Chris Santos of Stanton Social, Beauty and Essex, and other NY establishments became a hit judge on Chopped and has since been making his no holds bar, delicious and decadent dishes popular around the country. This year he released his very own cookbook with the 411 on all those over the top brunch and dinner dishes (for sharing) that, if you’ve eaten at any of his restaurants, have always wanted to know how to make. Hey there, French Onion Soup Dumplings. This is the perfect gift for that friend who doesn’t care about calories and wants to make sure everyone at the table leaves with their pants undone.

For the Kids (and Adults) Who Want to Cook Something Cool

Treat Yourself by Jessica Siskin

If you haven’t been following the Instagram Star @MisterKrisp for the last couple of years, you’ve been missing out on the smile inducing, incredible, edible art pieces from Ms. Jessica Siskin. Now you, and your little ones, can bring her designs (slightly simplified for us non-cereal artists) to your next birthday party or friendly get together. Buy the book for your kids, and, secretly like it more for yourself, because we won’t judge and neither will her thousands of followers.



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