Dishing with Scott Nelson of Scotstyle Bracelets

Scotstyle Bracelets makes one thing and they make it well: chic, simple, elegant bracelets that are the perfect accessory for a man or a woman. Scott Nelson, the man behind the magic, was set on a path that went from hobby to full-blown business, when he noticed that a hair was out of place on his beloved elephant tail hair bracelet and found that the store it was from no longer existed. The rest, as they say, is history. We dished with Scott about his bracelets, inspiration, and how he likes to party.

How did you decide you wanted to start Scotstyle? Was there an a-ha! moment?

I had seen these on a few men in our circle and found that they were from Bry and Co. in Paris. When I looked for the store on Rue de la Pais in 2009, it was gone. The bracelets were made from the tail hair from elephants that were, sadly, poached for their ivory. I thought rather than destroy the tail hair, I could make the bracelets and donate a portion of the proceeds to to help combat the poaching of elephants. So, I found a supplier in South Africa.

Your bracelets are elegant in their simplicity. Who or what influences your style?
Tom Ford, Alex Papachristidis

If you could have one celeb rocking your bracelet, who would it be?
Tom Ford, Matt Lauer, or Beyoncé

What’s in the future? 
I just started making the bracelets in alligator and ostrich with interchangeable bands – they’re produced by Trianon in NYC, who does Seaman Schepps and pieces for Verdura.

Describe your personal style in a few words.
Calculated Classic Colorful Elegance

Do you have any favorite color combos this season?
I’m living for Kelly Green and Burgundy.

What are your go-to stores: for gifts, home goods, or specialty items?
Bergdorf Goodman, Hermes, Tom Ford

Is there any one item you find yourself collecting, no matter how many you accrue?
Cuff links

How would describe your entertaining style?
Formal yet casual

Do you entertain differently based on season and location? 

What’s the first thing you notice when you walk into someone’s party?
The decor

Family is very important to you. Do you have any family traditions or rituals centered around food/entertaining/partying?
Christmas Eve and Christmas in the Hamptons – we celebrate with our friends across the street and sing carols together.

What kind of music complements your entertaining style?
Depending on the guests, disco is usually a safe bet.

5 Essentials to a perfect party?

Great guests
Good food
Excellent service
Inviting décor
Great DJ

What’s a favorite appetizer you like to serve?
Caviar dip with crème fraîche and sour cream with blue Terra chips from Laura Slatkin.

Favorite cocktail?
Margarita up, half salt and half sugar on the rim

3 things that are always in your fridge?
Champagne, Half and Half ,and apple juice

A food you think is totally overrated?
Kale, beets, hearts of palm and water chestnuts

Favorite binge-food?
Burgers – J.G. Melon’s or Shake Shack

Favorite flower color combo?
Purple and white

Favorite restaurants/chefs in NYC?
Marc Murphy from Landmarc

If you could party with one person – living or dead – who would it be?
Winston Churchill

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