A Burger and a Beer, Everyone’s Favorite Father’s Day

Dads are rad, as they say. They are also pretty simple people. They don’t require much maintenance and they almost never ask for anything. That’s why Father’s Day is such a hard holiday to pin down. Do they really want that shirt and pair of shoes you’ve been looking at online? Most definitely not. Do they want a shiny new piece of luggage or carry on bag that would make family travel much more aesthetically pleasing?He will probably tell you it’s not the best use of money.

Instead, let’s get Dad what he really wants: a day full of red meat, beer, and possibly a sports game or two (heyooo — World Cup coming in to save the day). So, I’ve rounded up this super handy list of best burgers + great atmosphere for all your Father’s Day and general burger hankering planning. Print it out, email it, or just click the restaurant name to get more information on reservations and location details.


The Burger Round Up

4 Charles Prime Rib

The Happiest Hour

Pig Bleeker


Union Square Cafe

Quality Eats

Two8Two Burger

Harold’s Meat + Three

Emily & Emily West Village

Mr. Dips

Bar Sardine


JG Melon

Corner Bistro

Lure Fish Bar





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