You: Really Legit Bartender Fete-a-Tete

You: Really Legit Bartender

A little birdy told us that to be great bartenders we just have to…. Well, okay. To be great bartenders we might have to put in some time, learn how to flip bottles and measure booze perfectly, and how to be friendly to people who are drunk and screaming (and who aren’t us). But to be a RLB (Really Legit Bartender)? That’s within our reach. This is in no small part due to the discovery of KegWorks, a site that has everything we need to stock our bars and shake up sick cocktails.

They’ve got bar equipment and homebrew tools, kits for making kegs out of watermelons (#NEED), and the site doesn’t even require you to know the ingredients or equipment you’re looking for. We searched by cocktail, and KegWorks showed us what we needed: blue cheese stuffed olives to up our martini game, premium tonic water for fancier G & Ts, and mojito-rimming sugar.

The site’s guides also provide inspiration: We’re planning our tacky Tikki party right now complete with flamingo cocktail stirrers, raw sugar cane swizzle sticks, and blue mai tai Jell-O shots, because flamingos? Always a good idea.

Get your swizzle on:

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