Welcome to My Kitchen! A Note to Say Hello

Late summer produce, fresh autumnal fruits, and the brightest and most vibrant veggies make fall my favorite time to be in the kitchen. Come September, I spend hours a week at the local farmer’s markets, basking in the seasonal offerings and finding inspiration everywhere I look.

Welcome to Witten Kitchen! This is a destination for all food lovers and hungry tummies to discover new, healthy, as well as, decadent ideas to fill your kitchen with flavor. Check out my Recipes at the top of the page, as well as, the Food and Family section for my curated articles and guides for both easy and sometimes a little  of complicated recipes for the days when you want to be  guilt free and the special occasions when you’re ready to indulge.

Some of the best ways to learn about food is to eat other people’s. I love sharing my tips and recommendations for eating out in and around New York City. Check out the On The Town section for curated guides, as well as, a an interactive Restaurant Map here.

No matter the season, I find every and all excuses to gather around my table with friends and my little family, testing out new treats, roasting hearty dishes for cooler days, and discovering ways of braising, baking, and cooking with new and exciting ingredients. As a professionally trained chef, I always want to use the best and freshest produce and ingredients, as well as, the most time and energy efficient ways to prepare meals. But, as a new mom, I’m learning a lot of little ways {which, it turns out, you don’t learn from the pro’s} to get picky eaters to sit still for a nutritious meal.



Thanks for stopping by Witten Kitchen! I hope you’ll stay awhile, keep coming back, and let me know what you like or want to see more of.



All Photos by Kirsten Chilstrom

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