Pool Party Pleasers: Lumi Pops

Just FYI: It’s not always martinis and mojitos over here at Fete-a-Tete HQ. Occasionally, we’ve been known to fuel our bods with cold pressed, healthy alternatives. And, while summer might be a more “active” season, it’s also one where some of our health goals tend to slip (see: lobster rolls, rosé, ice cream, rosé, rosé, rosé). So, when we recently had a little heart to heart with ourselves about how a body cannot survive on wine alone, and how we should maybe consider incorporating some healthy stuff into our summer rotation, we turned to Lumi juices. They’re delicious and stand out from lots of other healthy bevs because they don’t taste like grass, or dirt, or wood.

But then, a light bulb: “Why only juice? Why not turn these puppies into popsicles? Why not serve Lumi juice pops at our next pool party? Why are we such geniuses?!” Okay, maybe we first considered them as cocktail mixers, but then thought of the popsicles, and that made us feel a lot better about ourselves.

All you’ve got to do to enjoy this warm-weather treat is put your fave Lumi juice into a pop mold, wait about four hours, and you’re ready to pop it off. (Our favorites were the Morning Sunrise and the Wahoo Orange)

Pop It: www.lumijuice.com

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