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Party like a Pilgrim: The Best Cider Bars in NYC

Did you know that hard cider was big back in the day? We’re talking, like, the pilgrims drank it. Tons of the stuff. And you thought they didn’t like to party. Well the truth is that the adult bev made from the sourest of apples, is having a major comeback, and places all around town are incorporating cider programs into their menus. With the crisp temps creeping in, now feels like the perfect time to enjoy our ancestors’ favorite drink. So, here are some of NYC’s finest establishments where you can get your cider on. Party like a pilgrim, like a pilgrim.

162 Orchard St. NY 10002

The best known of NY’s cider spots because cider is it’s main gig. They’ve got dozens – on tap, in bottles, mixed into cocktails. We love their food, too, though: veggie-centric dishes that are still hearty enough for these temps. We’ll have the eggplant torta, charcoal potatoes, and the chickpeas and fava please.

403 E. 12th St. (at 1st Ave)

A cozy Italian spot that serves up 9 different kinds of cider. Go for the tasting menu, or order up a pork chop to go with your bev. Yum.

Murray’s Cheese Bar
264 Bleecker St. NY, NY 10014

Any excuse to go to Murray’s Cheese Bar. We repeat: Any excuse. We’re going to down our cider (they have a wide variety) with Mac and Cheese. Or maybe Raclette. Or maybe the Murray’s Melt. Decisions!

The Drink
228 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11206

This nautically-themed BK establishment has 9 different kinds of that apple-SAUCE (get it?) which they serve up alongside elevated bar snacks like sardine plates, pickled eggs, and white bean spread.

Jimmy’s No. 43
43 E. 7th St. NY, NY 10003

An East Village fave that has 8 different kinds of cider and Thai eats like Halo-Halo fries with pork and bonito flakes, pork belly tacos, or a whole pig, if you’re really feeling frisky.

The Green Table @ Chelsea Market
75 Ninth Ave. NY, NY 10011

This organic eatery has cider on tap and various cider cocktails. Chug yours with yummy, farm to table eats like chicken pot pie, chicken live paté, or eggplant parm.

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