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We Are All Afraid of Zika: Some Non-Ugly Citronella Candles

Zika is real, people. If we didn’t think so at first, we know because our mothers have been constantly calling and emailing to instruct us on how to deal with Zika, and how we should basically never go outside. And while we are definitely taking our bug repelling seriously this Summer, we’re also not going so far as to not enjoy our time al fresco. So, one thing we’re investing in, besides like a thousand kinds of bug spray, is citronella candles. We were gonna go for those old silver tubs full of icky-smelling wax when, with a bit of poking around the internet, we discovered something wonderful. “What’s that?” you ask. It’s citronella candles that aren’t hideous. That are, dare we say, chic? Here are our picks for citronella candles that won’t kill your aesthetic vibe.



Flashpoint White Candle | Flashpoint Leaf Green Candle | Flashpoint Mission Blue Candle



Gold Leaf Planter Citronella Candle | Citronella Balls |Eucalyptus Citronella Candle



Candle By The Hour Pillar Candle with Citronella | Madison James Flyaway Sticks | Tabletop Torch



FLIC Luminaries Citronella Candle Holders in White and Pink



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