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Restaurant Rolodex: We Heart Poké Bowls

The poké craze has come (by way of Hawaii… then Los Angeles) to NYC, and we are VERY thankful. We were getting a little impatient, teased by Intagrams from the left coast of beautiful, healthful looking poké bowls, DIY-ed and topped with jalapenos and avocado and everything that is good and right in the world. But we must wait no longer. NYC now has MULTIPLE places for us to get our poké bowl on. Or in. Our mouths.


This Hawaiian restaurant has lots more than poké, but their calamari and poké bowls are not to be missed. Hit Noreetuh up for your sit-down, civilized, poké experience.

128 First Ave. NY, NY 10009
(646) 892-3050


Make your own salads be damned! Make your own poké bowls is much more like it. Here, you can choose your own fish, toppings, and format – they do bowls, salads, and wraps with rice and seaweed. This may be the best thing about Midtown.

63 W. 37th St. NY, NY 10018
(212) 575-8881

Wisefish Poké

A healthy eater’s dream! Wisefish has snack size, regular, and large poké bowls, with bases of white rice, brown rice or… wait for it… ZOODLES. Choose one of their versions or make your own.

163 W. 19th St. NY, NY 10011
(212) 367-7653

Sons of Thunder

Poke bowls, hot dogs, and milk shakes. Comfort food, evolved. The one and only reason to go to Murray Hill.

204 E. 38th St. NY, NY 10016
(646) 863-2212

Want to try your hand at an at-home poke bowl? Here are some of our favorite recipes from around the web:’s Poké Bowl


What’’s DIY Poké Bowls

WGC-Poke-Bar-copy Poké Bowl Basics

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