Saturday City: Meatpacking Fete-a-Tete 1

Saturday City: Meatpacking

We’ve Got You Covered: A Saturday in the Meatpacking District

New York is home to so many wonders. That’s why we live here, right? Unfortunately, a lot of us can cop a too cool attitude when it comes to our own city (guilty!). We forget to enjoy the very places that make New York so special. So, we’re here to tell you to get over yourself and act like a tourist. We did this past Saturday and it was super fun.

Though it was once the realm of Sex and the City star-stalkers and hair-gelled club-goers, the Meatpacking District is having a bit of a reinvention, in huge part because of the new Whitney. Here’s your Saturday in the Meatpacking District. We’ve made your plans for you.

Breakfast at Bubby’s: The crowds are nowhere to be found at breakfast, so now’s the time to smash those pancakes in your face. Pancakes help fuel cultural curiosity. This is a fact.

Walk Through the Whitney: Amble slowly, like you would on vacay, through America is Hard to See, Baby Carriage on Bike or Riot Shield as Carriage, and Sunset. Enjoy those gorgeous outdoor spaces.

Lunch at Untitled: Make a res beforehand for this glass-walled hotspot. You won’t regret it.

Walk the Highline: Because it’s there, and there was a time when it wasn’t.

Shop at Maison 140: A great home goods store that has kept up with the glitz of Meatpacking throughout the years with a totally understated European aesthetic. Buy yourself some new barware, or some circus lights! You deserve it. You’re on vacay.

Food and Flower Gathering at Gansevoort Market: Get yourself some goods at one of our favorite places. Hit up Flower Girl NYC for beautiful blooms, and grab some meat at the Macelleria butcher to cook for dinner.

Drinks at Santina: Because let’s be honest, you couldn’t get a res, and the cocktails are #amazeballs.

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