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Restaurant Rolodex: NYC’s Coziest Places to Eat & Drink

It’s Friday night and you’re like, “It’s cold. I will not put on clothes. I will not leave my home.” Then you think: “I wish I had a fireplace. I actually miss my friends.” While we totally understand the tendency toward hibernation weekends in these bitter months, we also know that NYC has some super-cozy bars and restaurants where we feel right at home. Only in a nicer home. That we don’t have to clean up.


The House
An old-school carriage house in Gramercy that’s dimly lit, quiet, and perfect for a long Sunday brunch.

121 E. 17th St, New York, NY 10003

Mediterranean-inspired eats; dark wood tables, candlelight, and a late-night menu.

64 W. 10th St, New York, NY 10011

Tiny’s & The Bar Upstairs
What’s cozier than a tiny pink building from 1810? One that serves cocktails. Tiny’s is just this.

135 W. Broadway, New York, NY 10013

Antica Pesa
The Brooklyn outpost of the Roman restaurant is the perfect place to stuff your face with burrata and wine – because we’ve heard those are proven to keep you warm.

115 Berry Street
Brooklyn, NY 11249

A lush setting and super-yummy Spanish food. Yes. And Yes.

136 9th Ave. New York, NY 10011

Jimmy at the James
The chic bar is the perfect place to post up for craft cocktails.

15 Thompson Street NY, NY 10013

The Writing Room
The Writing Room is in the spot that used to be Elaine’s, the place to be and be seen on the UES (and yes, the one that Billy Joel sang about). Now it’s a super-cozy restaurant filled with books.

1703 2nd Avenue
 NY, NY 10128

Clover Club
Brooklyn does cozy cocktail bars really well. Clover Club is no exception. They also serve brunch and bar food at night, so you can make the executive decision to just… stay… there all day.

210 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Art Bar
Art Bar has been around forever but in NYC, that’s a good thing. Only legit places stand the test of time. It hasn’t changed much since the 90s, and we’re kind of down with that.

52 8th Avenue, NY, NY 10014

This old-school favorite from decades past has had many lives. What started as a 1920’s speakeasy (you could catch F. Scott Fitzgerald or John Steinbeck at the bar) transformed into trendy cocktail bar, and then a dive bar that made a resurgence at the end of last year. With a legit chef, this dark, cozy bar and restaurant is hard to get into (make a res ahead of time even for drinks) but perfect for a wintery date night.

86 Bedford St. NY, NY 10014

The Marlton Hotel Bar
A favorite of the fashion crowd for years, this Greenwich Village hotel bar is tres cozy chic for a night cap or place to meet before going out.

5 w. 8th St. NY, NY, 10011

The Nomad Bar
The Nomad Hotel’s sister restaurant, right around the corner from the hotel, is a large two floor, dark mahogany wood-studded bar and restaurant that is loud and delicious and a place you’ll get drunk. Come here this winter.

10 w. 28th St. NY, NY 10001

The Blond @ 11 Howard
This new(ish) hotel has a sexy bar for your post shopping cocktail or pre-dinner date martini.

11 Howard St. NY, NY 10013

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