Fast and Furious Mornings Mean Homemade Breakfast To Go

Does anyone else feel like fall is always the busiest time of year? Constantly in a crunch to get to new obligations, projects, and commitments. The first and easiest thing to drop off  in the morning routine is getting a healthy, wholesome breakfast in the belly. These make ahead, grab and go breakfast dishes are probably one of the easiest ways to ensure your morning and your day really do start off right, and quickly.

I try to always pack whole, complex grains and lean proteins into the first meal of the day, providing lasting energy and feeling full longer.  But that sometimes means you gotta trick some non-believers and picky eaters in tasting things that aren’t donuts, egg sandwiches, and pancakes. Sure you could grab a quick breakfast to go from out of a box or Starbucks, but these are all without the hidden sugars, excess oils, and other ingredients that are stuck into store bought, mass produced items we might typically grab for in the a.m. Do a little prep and planning no a Sunday afternoon and you’ve got the whole week covered for yourself and the family.

Cookies for Breakfast: Nutty Oat Breakfast “Cookies”


Chia Seed Protein Strawberry and Pearsicle Fruit Smoothie


Quinoa Flour Apple Honey Muffins

“Grab and Go” Spinach Veggie and Cheese Frittatas


Apple Cinnamon Muffins with Walnut Streusel

Apple-Cinnamon Muffins with Walnut Streusel Fete-a-Tete


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